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Product Description

Chrome Steel End Caps for Pro-Style Dumbbells

Chromed steel end caps are specially designed to be compatible with SDH/Pro-Style dumbbells for enhanced functionality and aesthetics. They often replace the large chrome washer that comes stock with each pair of straight or ergonomic pro-style dumbbell handles. Chrome end caps serve multiple purposes. First and foremost they work hand in hand with the Allen bolt to keep the entire pro-style dumbbell together and secured. Secondly, they provide a user-friendly flush surface on the outside of the dumbbell free from protruding objects such as bolts and washers. A flush surface makes a big difference when setting the dumbbells on your thighs before a heavy set of presses! And last but not least, outfitting your pro-style dumbbell set with chrome end caps is a great way to beautify old and new sets. Each cap has a recessed area for the head of the bolt and for a number sticker.

- Construction: Solid steel
- Dumbbell Handle Compatibility: Fits any size SDH straight and SDG ergo Pro-style handles
- Recessed Areas: Recessed for Allen bolt, weight designation sticker, and logo sticker (none are included)
- Finish: Mirror finish chrome
- Uses: Use in place of pro-style dumbbell handle washer
- Warranty: 30-Day warranty against manufacturer

Sold Individually NOTE: One pair of dumbbells requires TWO pairs of end caps

Sku: 6840
Vendor: York Barbell
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