The retail/showroom will remain CLOSED at this time. I am nevertheless dedicating my focus to the fulfillment of customer orders. Due to high demands, all packing, pick-up and delivery times will be longer than usual. Please keep in mind this is not business as usual. Please avoid calling for status updates as this takes me off packing/shipping duties. I am are making best efforts to reduce lead times. Expect a minimum of a 4-week delay for all new orders, including but not limited to: regular inventory orders, pre-orders and custom orders.

-Daniel, XTC Fitness


FAQ regarding Orders during COVID-19

How long does an order take to ship?

Please refer to the top banner on our website’s homepage. Presently, we are expecting a minimum 4-week delay. All orders are being handled in sequence.

How long will I wait to pick up my order?

Please refer to the top banner on our website’s homepage. Presently, we are expecting a minimum 4-week delay. All orders are being handled in sequence.

I have sent an email, made a call or reached out via online chat, but have had no response. What is going on?

We are seeing an extremely high volume of calls, emails, orders, and chat inquiries. At this time our only focus is handling and processing the fulfillment of orders. As a "non-essential" service in Ontario, we are operating on extremely limited manpower. The products in which we deal with, are extremely heavy and take time to pack/prepare for shipping or pick-up requirements.

We are doing our best to answer and respond back to as many inquiries as possible, but to be fair to ALL customers, we ask that you please avoid contacting us for status updates on orders. Every method of contact right now takes us away from picking and preparing orders for completion. Extraordinarily, spending 5-10 minutes to give you an update, truly slows the process down for EVERYONE awaiting orders, including yourself.

Our website’s top banner is kept up to date to help give our customers a general guideline. Under normal circumstances, we’d love nothing more than being connected with our community and clients. We hope to return to our normal operations in the near future. In the meantime, we are doing our best to keep up with the surge in demand. Please continue with your patience.

How do I place an order for pick up?

Once you are ready to purchase your selected item(s), you go to your Shopping Cart, which directs you to the Checkout page. Click on the building image/text "Pick Up". See below for a visual reference.

An item I have ordered is listed as PRE-ORDER, what does that mean?

Pre-Order items means it is currently on Back Order, but we are allowing customers to place orders in advance and reserve a spot in queue for when new inventory arrives. We presently DO NOT have ETAs available for any PRE-ORDER items.

Can a PRE-ORDER item be refunded if I change my mind?

No, all PRE-ORDER items are non-refundable. We are working diligently on placing orders with our suppliers immediately that they may increase their production to meet/match demands. In a case of extreme and unpredictable circumstances where a supplier may not be able to meet our fulfillment needs in a relatively timely manner, we will assess customer refunds/exchanges on a case-by-case basis.

We are not trying to cause unnecessary hardship on our clients or our suppliers. We ask out of respect and courtesy that if you are uncertain and/or uncomfortable waiting for a PRE-ORDER item, to please hold-off on making a purchase at this time.

I was given an update for my order, but it still hasn't arrived, why?

Currently, our order updates are estimates only. There are multiple factors presently impacting the supply-chain of not only our business, but businesses worldwide. These factors are out of our control and may affect our estimates.

I ordered an XTC Gear made product, how long should I expect to wait for it?

XTC Gear products are made to order and always have been. They are also considered custom-made. Once you place your order online for an XTC Gear item, the raw materials required to fabricate your items are automatically ordered. There are NO refunds on XTC Gear products. Expect a minimum of 4-week waiting period.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Currently, we do not have the ability to process orders over the phone. ALL orders must be placed online.

My credit card was charged, but I haven't received my goods, why?

The products we sell are specialty items and payment is captured at the time of order, NOT the time of shipping.

I placed an order online, but I didn't get any confirmation, why?

Our system will automatically send an email or SMS message of your purchase confirmation, dependant on the selection you made at checkout. There are a few possible reasons why you may not have seen a confirmation, but first, take these steps to verify:

  • Check your email’s spam/junk folders – new customers may experience this as it is your email’s filter system that flagged our confirmation email as spam/junk. You can simply move this email to your general inbox.

  • Doing a search in your email folder for xtcfitness will help locate our email correspondence.

  • You may have selected SMS message not have entered an email address at all. This means your order confirmation would have been sent via text message to the phone number you entered at checkout.

  • If all of the above has failed, you may have simply entered an incorrect phone number or email address. In this case, you will need to speak with us to update your customer file for accuracy.

I already placed an order online; can I add to my order?

At this time, given the high order volume, we are unable to add goods to any current customer orders. Orders are being processed in sequence. If you wish to purchase more products, you will have to place a new order with us.

Will placing a new order instead of adding to an existing order cost me more in shipping?

No. Shipping is calculated based on weight, package size, and dimensions of goods. We do not mark-up shipping or add any handling fees. The rates you are provided will not differ by placing another order.

I see Zone deliveries, how do I choose the correct zone?

Zone deliveries ONLY apply to you if the specific city where you live is listed in one of the zones. These are areas we go to frequently and consolidate shipments to offer clients more economical shipping options

At the Checkout, I am unable to get a shipping rate, why?

Presently, if you are unable to obtain a shipping rate, it is often a result of one or more items that exceed our carriers’ limitations OR simply, our carriers’ inability to reach your destination. This is most common with weight sets, racks, and heavy cardio equipment.

At this time, we have restricted our shipping options to provide the most reliable service methods. If you have One Single Line Item that exceeds 149lbs, shipping will NOT be calculated, as this item ships as one unit and is unable to be picked up by the carrier service.

NOTE: If you are purchasing a set of weights, you can instead place a single order, but do so by selecting the individual pieces. This is possible because the independent plates are be packaged in sizes that fit into FedEx vehicles. Shipping costs will not differ as rates are based on weight, dimension, and destination.

published as of April 1, 2020