Ecore Athletic | Rubber Rolls - Rally - Charcoal ES505

Product Description
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Tailored for heavy conditioning, this 14.5mm product combines a 2.5mm wear layer with a 12mm shock absorbing base layer, and showcases a dynamic force reduction of 35.40%. This dual durometer system is engineered to absorb the impact force related to aggressive functional training, providing an ergonomically advanced surface that works in concert with the body.


Charcoal - ES505


4' x Varies by Selection



Standard Tolerance

Thickness +/- .3mm, Width +- 0.5%

Static Load

1000 lb/in2 (ASTM F970): less than 0.020 in

Coefficient of Friction

ASTM 2047 Greater than 0.9

Ambient Noise Reduction, Sabin/ft2 (ASTM C423)


Adhesive Required

Optional (Not Recommended for use with tiles)

  • Fitness Rooms
  • Hospitality
  • Sports
  • Student Recreation

All Ecore Athletic rubber flooring is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects on both material and workmanship. If such a defect is discovered, the customer must notify Ecore Athletic either through the contracting installer, distributor, or directly. If found to be defective within three years under normal non-abusive conditions, the sole remedy against the seller will be the replacement or repair of the defective goods, or at the seller’s option, credit may be issued not exceeding the selling price of the defective goods. Ecore Athletic Basic rolls and tile warranty shall not cover dissatisfaction due to improper installation, normal wear or quality of installation expected from the use or environment of installation, damage from improper maintenance or usage, or general misuse, including and without limitation: burns, cuts, tears, scratches, scuffs, damage from rolling loads, damage from cleaning products not recommended by Ecore Athletic, slight shade variations or shade variations due to exposure to direct sunlight, or differences in color between samples or photographs and actual flooring. Excluded from Warranty - These warranties do not apply to the following: 1. The exact matching of shade, color or mottling. 2. Any express or implied promise made by any salesman or representative. 3. Tears, burns, cuts or damage due to improper installation, improper use or improper cleaning agents or maintenance methods. 4. Wear from chairs or other furniture without proper floor protectors will void the warranty. Care should be taken to protect the flooring from damage by using good quality protective feet for chairs, tables, and other furniture. Chair mats may be required under chairs with casters/wheels. 5. Labor costs for installation of original or replacement material. 6. Sale of “Remnants”, “Seconds”, “Off Goods” or other irregular (non-first-quality) flooring materials. With respect to “Seconds”, “Off Goods”, or “Remnants” such are sold “as is,” and Ecore Athletic makes no warranties whatsoever, express or implied with respect thereto, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. 7. Problems caused by moisture, hydrostatic pressure, or alkali in the sub-floor. 8. Problems caused by uses, maintenance, and installation that are contrary to Ecore Athletic specifications, recommendations or instructions. 9. Material installed with obvious defects. 10. Damage to flooring products from high heels or spike heels. 11. Damage or discoloration to flooring products from rubber mats, rubber backed mats, or car tires. 12. Installation of Ecore Athletic products with adhesives other than those recommended by Ecore Athletic. 13. Fading and/or discoloration resulting from heavy sunlight penetration and ultraviolet ray exposure from direct or glass-filtered sunlight. 14. Material that is not installed and maintained as recommended by Ecore Athletic. 15. Damage to flooring products from pallet jack and tow-motor traffic. 16. Environments where the product will be exposed to animal fats, vegetable oils, grease or petroleum based materials. (i.e.: commercial kitchens or auto repair facilities.) 17. Premature wear and deterioration from spikes and skate blade exposure. 18. Differences in color between products and photography. 19. Embossing / density deviations between product and samples, photography. These warranties are in lieu of any other warranty expressed or implied. Ecore Athletic shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages which may result from a defect. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. These warranties give you specific rights, and you may also have rights which may vary from state to state. To know what your legal rights are in your state, consult your local or state Consumer Affairs Office or your State Attorney General. For complete and latest warranty information for products within the Ecore Athletic collection, please see

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