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Everlast | Cardio Fitness Training Bag

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Everlast | Cardio Fitness Training Bag

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Your intensity can’t be matched, so when you’re taking on some solo training, you’ll need some equipment that can keep stationary even when provoked with all your strength. Work up a sweat with Everlast’s Cardio Fitness Training Bag.

This easy-to-assemble training bag has been created with new and improved durable foam construction that react to all levels of strikes. Its heavy-duty spring neck makes for quick and responsive rebounds. With its bobbing and weaving, your bag is able to mimic the movement of your opponent.

Everlast training bags will leave their mark on your cardio, boxing, MMA, sparring, martial arts and other contact sports. Build your offense and defense skills with your coach or training partner; make accuracy your top priority.

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