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The RAD Atom serves up killer control and all-over access with its versatile size and just-right firmness. Perfect for unshackling shoulders, glutes and adductors, this masterpiece of bodywork innovation works two ways: use it for your usual rolling, or up the ante by inserting one end of the RAD Rod into the center hole to create a self-directed, crowbar-style shearing tool that pulls muscles open on your precise command.

When you don’t need the hyper-precision of a point release tool, but you need some high-quality compression and circulation in larger muscle groups like the glutes and hips, make the RAD Atom your new best friend. This thing knows how to get stuff done. Use with the RAD Rod for crow-bar style control and deeper compression.

  • Dimensions: 4.25”
  • Materials: ABS and polymer
  • Color: Blue
  • Unit weight: 1.2 lbs.
  • Comes with PDF guide of exercises


When you think of point release, you probably think of tiny tools that can wreak havoc in even the tightest spaces. If you need compression, a bulky foam roller might be your first instinct. The RAD Atom is like the cool middle child. It’s big and strong enough to obliterate tension in tough-to-tackle areas like the inner shoulder, groin, hip pockets and traps, but with a way smaller surface area—and therefore greater compression—than a foam roller. This tool’s so rad, you’ll totally want to hang out with it every day after school.


Just wait until the RAD Atom gets its hands on you. The outside texture is made to grab onto your skin without the way-too-slick or too-much-stick of other tools. This balanced gripping action is a powerhouse in shearing loose fibrous tissue while you work to compress the dense muscles underneath. Bonus: the raised grooves encourage light movement and gentle distortion of muscle tissue as you roll.


Surprise! The RAD Atom is round for a reason. When you look at muscles at a micro level, they’re actually more 3D than they are linear. As a result, you get fascial tension going in every possible direction. With a tool like the spherical RAD Atom (especially when paired with the RAD Rod), you can direct your compression in 360 degrees, “confusing” the tissue into opening up by attacking it from all angles.

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