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Sling Shot | Extreme "X" Elbow Sleeves

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Sling Shot | Extreme "X" Elbow Sleeves


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Pickup available, curb-side pickup orders are usually ready in 1 hour, please wait for a pickup confirmation email or txt.

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The all-new Extreme “X” Elbow Sleeves are the stiffest elbow sleeves on the market. The specialty fabric front panel allows for minimal stretch and maximal support. These sleeves offer next level support and can be used for increasing strength - providing you with the strongest rebound under maximal weight, no matter the sport.

The Extreme “X” Elbow Sleeves are recommended for experienced lifters. Due to the nature of the material and length, these sleeves will be more difficult to put on in comparison to the Strong Elbow Sleeves.

Origin Of the Elbow Sleeve

World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw, while training for circus dumbbell press needed extra support help stabilize his elbow.

He utilized the STrong Knee Sleeves on his enormous arms, broke a world record and Mark Bell immediately started working.  

The development of the STrong Elbow Sleeves to give the same level protection for vulnerable joints was born and over the years has evlovled to match the increasing weights lifters are moving/

While giving elite level support this sleeve is tighter than the Strong Elbow Sleeve for maximum support.

Superior Compression

Level 4 compression provides uncompromised support to the forearm, bicep and elbow throughout the entire range of motion.

With its advanced material and unique front panel design the Extreme "X" Elbow Sleeve is unrivaled as the worlds most supportive Elbow Sleeve.


Whether you’re Benching, Military Pressing or doing accessory movements, the versatile Extreme "X" Elbow Sleeves can be used to increase strength and support your elbows.

The Elbow Sleeves have been tested by the World’s top Powerlifters and Strongmen to deliver the highest quality, best performing Elbow Sleeves money can buy.

Great quality, they feel like they are going to last a long time. Very snug so they don't slide down. Comfortable to wear for the whole workout. They look cool. Which should really be #1.

Talon G.

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