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Sling Shot | Extreme "X" Elbow Sleeves

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Sling Shot | Extreme "X" Elbow Sleeves


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The all-new Extreme “X” Elbow Sleeves are the stiffest elbow sleeves on the market. The specialty fabric front panel allows for minimal stretch and maximal support. These sleeves offer next level support and can be used for increasing strength - providing you with the strongest rebound under maximal weight, no matter the sport.

The Extreme “X” Elbow Sleeves are recommended for experienced lifters. Due to the nature of the material and length, these sleeves will be more difficult to put on in comparison to the Strong Elbow Sleeves.

Next Level Support

Experience enhanced support and superior performance with Sling Shot | Extreme "X" Elbow Sleeves! Our Level 4 7mm thick material provides maximum support for your elbows, biceps, triceps, and forearms as you power through lifts, throws, and presses. Whether you're into powerlifting, strongman, wrestling, bench press, or bodybuilding, these sleeves are the perfect accessory to bolster your performance.

Lift Heavier, Recover Faster

Lift heavier with confidence! Get the most out of your workout with maximal compression and stiffness for extra power and padding. Alleviate elbow pain with constant warmth and compression to increase blood flow and reduce tendonitis/arthritis symptoms. Recover quickly with reduced swelling from compression during and after exercise!

Increased Intensity

Increase your training intensity with Xtreme "X" Elbow Sleeves; they provide reliable stability and warmth so you can conquer heavier weights, more reps, and higher training volume! With higher volume, you can cover more ground and reach your PRs faster.