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The Naples Elliptical is the basis for the CardiCore Evo Elliptical Line.  Your optimum seat height provides the ability to engage in a 50/50 split on your workout. 50% of your upper body and 50% of your lower body will be engaged at this position... want to use more of your upper body... how about more of your lower body?

Play music through a pair of Hi-Fidelity speakers via the MP3 port... Charge your phone or tablet with the USB charging station... Keep cool with the built in 3-speed adjustable fan.

The Naples CardioCore EVO series provides a serious workout with serious comfort, for serious results!

A suite of web and mobile apps that makes lifestyle management easy, effective and enjoyable – combining tracking, IWM, graphic console control and social sharing capabilities.

- myLiveLight is the digital hub that makes managing a healthy lifestyle easy, effective and enjoyable
- Employs a combination of cloud based web services and mobile apps
- Free to register
- Track your weight, calorie intake and activity through your mobile device
- See instant results and track achievements over time with easy to understand graphics
- Expand the capabilities of your equipment console by connecting your mobile device
- Enjoy enhanced graphic console control or let your workout stats compile in the background while you enjoy the universe of digital entertainment – and check back on your workout at any point
- myLiveLight works in conjunction with IWM to automatically deliver optimised workout programmes to your enabled fitness equipment – based upon your age, height, current weight, recent food intake and tracked activity
- Facebook integration allows you to share achievements and encouragement with friends
- myLiveLight is a dynamic ecosystem that will grow and develop over time bringing added functionality to users

Intelligent Weight Management
Automatically deliver optimum personalized workouts direct to your enabled fitness equipment – helping you to maintain your Body Mass Index (BMI) ideal weight.

- Managing weight is one of the most universal exercise goals
- Intelligent Weight Management removes the guesswork from workout planning when achieving and maintaining your ideal weight
- Digital Weight Scale is at the heart of the system
- On first use – input age, weight and height
- Calculates ideal weight using Body Mass Index
- Creates personalised workout session –duration, intensity and calories burned
- Automatically communicates this workout to your IWM enabled equipment
- Just step on scales before all subsequent sessions for automatic optimum workout
- Change prescribed intensity or duration manually at any point
- System learns your preferences and tailors workouts accordingly
- Helps to maintain ideal weight even if you have indulged in a few treats

Enjoy full Mediaport functionality with the added bonus of Bluetooth connectivity with IWM equipment and myLiveLight services – an Airport console is the hub of your digital workout world.

- Airport technology integrates your mobile tech with your fitness equipment
- Airport consoles provide a secure dock for your smartphone or tablet, keeping it safe and steady while you work out
- Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 technology delivers an ‘as if by magic’ connection between compatible fitness equipment and online services. Enjoy movies, music, games and social media during your exercise program
- Get high-definition graphic console control, direct on your mobile device – this makes using your equipment a much more enjoyable and engaging experience
- Benefit from our ground-breaking IWM technology with the addition of a Bluetooth digital weight scale
- Your fitness equipment and accessories also become integrated parts of your myLiveLight digital ecosystem – a suite of synchronized technology dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals

Patented rotating handlebars that help to deliver a full-body CV workout while targeting core muscle groups to achieve those desirable, firm and toned abs. 

- Toned abs is high on the list of desired outcomes from exercise
- CardioCore ellipticals deliver invigorating full-body CV workouts and help to sculpt those desirably defined abs
- Unique, patented technology – not available from any other manufacturer
- Counter-rotational handlebars offer biomechanically correct movement
- Natural, comfortable and fluid motion
- Effectively targets internal and external oblique’s, rectus abdominus and serratus anterior muscle groups
- High repetition, low resistance – feel your muscles working without excessive soreness the next day
- CardioCore machines awarded 5-Star Best Buy Winners in three product categories by Elliptical Machine Reviews
- Yowza’s most popular products worldwide

CardioCore EVO
All of the advantages of Yowza's CardioCore movement elliptical trainers without having to support 100% of your body weight but don't let that seat fool you. Like all of Yowza's trainers, fitness enthusiasts will get a superior cardio and strength workout depending on how much or how little resistance desired, and this machine electronically adjusts upper body vs. lower body concentration.

- Find your ideal seat height to engage 50% of your upper body and 50% of your lower body. This will establish your base workout
- Adjust the seat height up or down electronically on the fly to increase or decrease your upper or lower body workout
- Alleviates 100% of the body weight on the legs
- Great for those suffering from chronic conditions such as: diabetes, arthritis, sciatica, planter fasciitis, etc..
- Also good for people recovering from lower body injuries or with hip or joint replacements.
- Provides a superior upper body workout when adjusted to engage 60% - 80% of your upper body. There is no other exercise machine on the market that offers this variable motion and intensity for the arms and shoulders.
- Get the benefits of an elliptical CardioCore workout without all of the weight on the legs and joints!

SureFit Pedals
Pivoting pedals that flex back and forth with each stride – delivering a natural foot movement to make crosstrainer workouts more comfortable and easy on your joints. 

- Standard crosstrainers have pedals fixed in the horizontal position.
- This causes unnecessary strain on leg joints, as they have to compensate for the lack of natural movement.
- Surefit™ pedals are bio-mechanically superior, flexing back and forth with each stride – allowing your feet to move naturally as you exercise.
- The pedals rest on cushioned buffers, acting as shock absorbers and reducing the impact of each step.
- Ergofit™ pedals also benefit from additional gel inserts for extra cushioning
- The result is a much more comfortable crosstrainer workout
- This allows you to increase the duration and intensity of your exercise program without inflicting as much stress on your body
- You can push yourself to succeed, achieving your fitness goals even faster.

SURE Variable Incline
Benefit from powered and ramp-less incline adjustment on your crosstrainer – dynamically variable from 0-60% – so you can increase workout intensity with reduced risk of joint stress injury.

- Traditional crosstrainers have their flywheel at the front so you need to press down on the pedals, like on a bike, to make the machine rotate – causing stress to your leg joints
- Workout intensity was varied using ramps and rollers that were noisy and prone to getting clogged with dust and dirt
- Swing Up Reactive Elliptical (SURE) technology is another of our patented crosstrainer innovations. This utilises a roller-less, rear-drive system that silently propels your workout forward
- This allows you to exercise with a biomechanically correct knee-lifting motion – more like walking or running – with a significant reduction in joint stress
- SURE technology also allows you to vary the intensity of your workout dynamically – so you don’t have to stop while you make your exercise easier or more challenging – brilliant for effective interval training
- Your workout intensity is controlled by the amount of incline you add to your stride – from 0% that simulates a gentle stroll, all the way up to the hurdling motion of a 50-60% incline
- So you can push yourself in ways you never thought possible with unmatched levels of quiet, joint-protecting comfort – even at the highest levels of intensity
- It also means that the whole family can benefit from using the same machine – tailoring the incline intensity to match their levels of fitness and mobility

EMS Resistance
Our Electro-Magnetic System allows precise resistance control – delivering a smooth, whisper quiet motion and accurate workout statistics.

- Electro-magnets are used to provide resistance to the flywheel on an exercise bike or crosstrainer – stronger magnetic fields deliver more resistance increasing the intensity of your workout
- Electro-magnetism provides consistent tension during the ‘pedal stroke’ delivering a smoother ‘ride’ that closely simulates riding an actual bicycle
- Unlike mechanical resistance technologies, such as tensioned belts or air, electro-magnetic resistance is virtually silent
- The level of resistance can be altered quickly and easily, using buttons on your console – so you don’t have to stop exercising
- Electro-magnets can be programmed to vary the resistance automatically during your workout program to simulate cycling or striding over varying terrain – and making effective interval training very east to achieve
- Electro-magnetic resistance can be controlled very precisely, so your training results – watts produced or calories burned – can be measured very accurately, helping you to manage your fitness progression with greater confidence

Fitsound Music Streaming
FitSound consoles have a Bluetooth enabled link that allows you to play music wirelessly from your tablet or smartphone.

- Bluetooth technology that allows you to use your tablet or smart with no wires
- Change volume and change track up to 10 meters away from Yowza equipment
- Use mylivelight and wirelessly connect your workout
- Fitsound provides a safe docking system on each machine whilst maintaining Bluetooth connection

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