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Product Description

Yowza Naples Elite is our final machine in the SuperCore EVO series. The EVO series trainers were designed for those who want the benefits of a Yowza elliptical, without having to support 100% of their body weight.

The Naples Elite features a power adjustable seat with 3 seat position memory buttons, allowing users to store their preferred seat position to optimize their workout with maximum comfort. Select your preferred seat height to engage in a 50/50 split on your workout. 50% of your upper body and 50% of your lower body will be engaged at this position... want to use more of your upper body... how about more of your lower body? The Naples Elite gives you the ability to engage 30%-80% of your upper body depending on your desired workout. The Naples Elite also features an Electro-Magnetic Braking system giving you better than gym quality resistance.

Naples Elite is the only SuperCore Evo trainer that incorporates Yowza’s MyLivelight workout application with IWM Bluetooth scale and programming giving you the ability to track your caloric intake vs. calories burned while also tracking your meals, workouts and progress in real time. Using these programs along with the Naples Elites gives you tailor made workouts geared toward your optimum performance.

Entertainment on the Naples Elite also includes Yowza's FitSound™ Bluetooth connectivity. Wirelessly connect your phone or tablet to stream music, and/or run the IWM and MyLivelight applications. Charge your device via the USB charging port (MP3 plug-in is also included). Use the 3-speed adjustable fan to keep you cool while you enjoy your workout.

The Naples EVO series, a serious workout with serious comfort, for serious results!

A suite of web and mobile apps that makes lifestyle management easy, effective and enjoyable – combining tracking, IWM, graphic console control and social sharing capabilities.

- myLiveLight is the digital hub that makes managing a healthy lifestyle easy, effective and enjoyable
- Employs a combination of cloud based web services and mobile apps
- Free to register
- Track your weight, calorie intake and activity through your mobile device
- See instant results and track achievements over time with easy to understand graphics
- Expand the capabilities of your equipment console by connecting your mobile device
- Enjoy enhanced graphic console control or let your workout stats compile in the background while you enjoy the universe of digital entertainment – and check back on your workout at any point
- myLiveLight works in conjunction with IWM to automatically deliver optimised workout programmes to your enabled fitness equipment – based upon your age, height, current weight, recent food intake and tracked activity
- Facebook integration allows you to share achievements and encouragement with friends
- myLiveLight is a dynamic ecosystem that will grow and develop over time bringing added functionality to users

Intelligent Weight Management
Automatically deliver optimum personalized workouts direct to your enabled fitness equipment – helping you to maintain your Body Mass Index (BMI) ideal weight.

- Managing weight is one of the most universal exercise goals
- Intelligent Weight Management removes the guesswork from workout planning when achieving and maintaining your ideal weight
- Digital Weight Scale is at the heart of the system
- On first use – input age, weight and height
- Calculates ideal weight using Body Mass Index
- Creates personalised workout session –duration, intensity and calories burned
- Automatically communicates this workout to your IWM enabled equipment
- Just step on scales before all subsequent sessions for automatic optimum workout
- Change prescribed intensity or duration manually at any point
- System learns your preferences and tailors workouts accordingly
- Helps to maintain ideal weight even if you have indulged in a few treats

Enjoy full Mediaport functionality with the added bonus of Bluetooth connectivity with IWM equipment and myLiveLight services – an Airport console is the hub of your digital workout world.

- Airport technology integrates your mobile tech with your fitness equipment
- Airport consoles provide a secure dock for your smartphone or tablet, keeping it safe and steady while you work out
- Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 technology delivers an ‘as if by magic’ connection between compatible fitness equipment and online services. Enjoy movies, music, games and social media during your exercise program
- Get high-definition graphic console control, direct on your mobile device – this makes using your equipment a much more enjoyable and engaging experience
- Benefit from our ground-breaking IWM technology with the addition of a Bluetooth digital weight scale
- Your fitness equipment and accessories also become integrated parts of your myLiveLight digital ecosystem – a suite of synchronized technology dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals

Patented rotating handlebars that help to deliver a full-body CV workout while targeting core muscle groups to achieve those desirable, firm and toned abs. 

- Toned abs is high on the list of desired outcomes from exercise
- CardioCore ellipticals deliver invigorating full-body CV workouts and help to sculpt those desirably defined abs
- Unique, patented technology – not available from any other manufacturer
- Counter-rotational handlebars offer biomechanically correct movement
- Natural, comfortable and fluid motion
- Effectively targets internal and external oblique’s, rectus abdominus and serratus anterior muscle groups
- High repetition, low resistance – feel your muscles working without excessive soreness the next day
- CardioCore machines awarded 5-Star Best Buy Winners in three product categories by Elliptical Machine Reviews
- Yowza’s most popular products worldwide


CardioCore EVO
All of the advantages of Yowza's CardioCore movement elliptical trainers without having to support 100% of your body weight but don't let that seat fool you. Like all of Yowza's trainers, fitness enthusiasts will get a superior cardio and strength workout depending on how much or how little resistance desired, and this machine electronically adjusts upper body vs. lower body concentration.



- Find your ideal seat height to engage 50% of your upper body and 50% of your lower body. This will establish your base workout
- Adjust the seat height up or down electronically on the fly to increase or decrease your upper or lower body workout
- Alleviates 100% of the body weight on the legs
- Great for those suffering from chronic conditions such as: diabetes, arthritis, sciatica, planter fasciitis, etc..
- Also good for people recovering from lower body injuries or with hip or joint replacements.
- Provides a superior upper body workout when adjusted to engage 60% - 80% of your upper body. There is no other exercise machine on the market that offers this variable motion and intensity for the arms and shoulders.
- Get the benefits of an elliptical CardioCore workout without all of the weight on the legs and joints!

SureFit Pedals
Pivoting pedals that flex back and forth with each stride – delivering a natural foot movement to make crosstrainer workouts more comfortable and easy on your joints. 

- Standard crosstrainers have pedals fixed in the horizontal position.
- This causes unnecessary strain on leg joints, as they have to compensate for the lack of natural movement.
- Surefit™ pedals are bio-mechanically superior, flexing back and forth with each stride – allowing your feet to move naturally as you exercise.
- The pedals rest on cushioned buffers, acting as shock absorbers and reducing the impact of each step.
- Ergofit™ pedals also benefit from additional gel inserts for extra cushioning
- The result is a much more comfortable crosstrainer workout
- This allows you to increase the duration and intensity of your exercise program without inflicting as much stress on your body
- You can push yourself to succeed, achieving your fitness goals even faster.

SURE Variable Incline
Benefit from powered and ramp-less incline adjustment on your crosstrainer – dynamically variable from 0-60% – so you can increase workout intensity with reduced risk of joint stress injury.

- Traditional crosstrainers have their flywheel at the front so you need to press down on the pedals, like on a bike, to make the machine rotate – causing stress to your leg joints
- Workout intensity was varied using ramps and rollers that were noisy and prone to getting clogged with dust and dirt
- Swing Up Reactive Elliptical (SURE) technology is another of our patented crosstrainer innovations. This utilises a roller-less, rear-drive system that silently propels your workout forward
- This allows you to exercise with a biomechanically correct knee-lifting motion – more like walking or running – with a significant reduction in joint stress
- SURE technology also allows you to vary the intensity of your workout dynamically – so you don’t have to stop while you make your exercise easier or more challenging – brilliant for effective interval training
- Your workout intensity is controlled by the amount of incline you add to your stride – from 0% that simulates a gentle stroll, all the way up to the hurdling motion of a 50-60% incline
- So you can push yourself in ways you never thought possible with unmatched levels of quiet, joint-protecting comfort – even at the highest levels of intensity
- It also means that the whole family can benefit from using the same machine – tailoring the incline intensity to match their levels of fitness and mobility

EMS Resistance
Our Electro-Magnetic System allows precise resistance control – delivering a smooth, whisper quiet motion and accurate workout statistics.

- Electro-magnets are used to provide resistance to the flywheel on an exercise bike or crosstrainer – stronger magnetic fields deliver more resistance increasing the intensity of your workout
- Electro-magnetism provides consistent tension during the ‘pedal stroke’ delivering a smoother ‘ride’ that closely simulates riding an actual bicycle
- Unlike mechanical resistance technologies, such as tensioned belts or air, electro-magnetic resistance is virtually silent
- The level of resistance can be altered quickly and easily, using buttons on your console – so you don’t have to stop exercising
- Electro-magnets can be programmed to vary the resistance automatically during your workout program to simulate cycling or striding over varying terrain – and making effective interval training very east to achieve
- Electro-magnetic resistance can be controlled very precisely, so your training results – watts produced or calories burned – can be measured very accurately, helping you to manage your fitness progression with greater confidence

Fitsound Music Streaming
FitSound consoles have a Bluetooth enabled link that allows you to play music wirelessly from your tablet or smartphone.

- Bluetooth technology that allows you to use your tablet or smart with no wires
- Change volume and change track up to 10 meters away from Yowza equipment
- Use mylivelight and wirelessly connect your workout
- Fitsound provides a safe docking system on each machine whilst maintaining Bluetooth connection

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