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truMedic | Coda Massage Chair - XTC Fitness - Exercise Equipment Superstore - Canada - Massage Chair

truMedic | Coda Massage Chair

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Immerse yourself in a state of total relaxation with the new truMedic luxurious massage chair, the Coda™. It’s built to be the ultimate massage machine-a perfect way to end every day and the ultimate relaxation destination, no travel required. From the first minute you sit in this paragon of massage technology, you’ll know that you are in a massage chair like no other. From the solid best-in-class engineering to the sturdy and luxurious materials selection, truMedic® has moved the bar higher than ever before to create the ultimate massage experience. The built-in body scanner ensures that each massage is tailored to your body type, while the zero-gravity function makes you feel that you are floating amongst the stars. The truMedic® Coda™ Massage Chair features the latest in advanced, high-tech design, yet let’s you access all of its wonder with just a spoken command. It delivers the ultimate full body massage with an L-track roller system and a built-in foot massager that will leave you relaxed, relieved and revitalized. It also features a convenient cell phone holder with wireless device charging station and Bluetooth device synchronization. Your symphony of relaxation comes to a glorious finale with the truMedic® Coda™ Massage Chair.

Versatile Massage

The Coda Massage Chair includes the L-track roller system that mimics the feeling of real human hands. The massage chair offers the following settings options to custom-tailor your massage: Kneading, Knocking, Sync, and Tapping.

Airbag Pressure Massage

The Coda Massage Chair has strategically located airbags (40 in total) that will grip, twist, and gently gently stretch your muscles. Sit back and relax as the airbags in the seat provides additional relief to your waist and hips.

Superior Bluetooth Speakers

Voice Activated Control

The Coda Massage Chair features high-tech, voice command activation and Bluetooth connectivity for a convenient and personalized massage. It’s as simple as saying “Ok, Massage On’’. The Coda is equipped with top-notch Bluetooth speakers, providing an exceptional audio experience.


A custom fit for the Closed Foot Massager & Automatic Leg Rest

Depending on your height, the Coda Massage Chair’s footrest can easily extend by 17cm (6.69in) automatically for more comfort and convenience. After you get that perfect fit, experience a world-class massage with our state-of-the-art enclosed footrest, designed to deliver the quality you would expect from a dedicated foot massager.

Convenient Cell Phone Holder

Convenience at its best! The Coda Massage Chair includes a cell phone holder strategically placed on the right arm rest for easy viewing and accessibility. With wireless charging included, you never have to interrupt your massage.

Zero Gravity

With a touch of a button, you can feel the weightless ease of zero gravity positioning. The zero gravity function helps to remove all pressure from your spine to mimic the feeling of weightlessness.