Zone | Smelling Salts

Product Description

Sold per Single bottle. 

The strongest and longest lasting smelling salts on the market. This will take you past any plateau by giving you a high quality adrenaline boost.  Endorsed by some of the highest level powerlifters in the world.

Zone is shipped and stored as a dry powder to guarantee you the longest life span and highest potency possible. Activating your bottle of zone is very easy and straight forward. Simply add 15ml or a Zone lid full of water, put back on the lid and shake for a few seconds. Always keep the lid on tight. 

Highlights of Zone

1. Longer life than the competitors.

2. Easier to ship as it is not a liquid, so no exploding or leaking during shipping.

3. Not an active ammonia until a small amount of water is added.  Literally a water bottle cap full (15 ml/1 tbsp)

4. Reusable time after time.

To Activate: 
add a tablespoon of water (15ml)
secure lid and shake well
let sit for 1 minute
always keep lid on tightly
keep cotton ball in the bottle

- Keep away from children
- Avoid contact with eyes and mouth
- Keep bottle 6 inches from nose
- Do not use if allergic or pregnant

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