Century | Torrent T2 Pro - XTC Fitness - Exercise Equipment Superstore - Canada - Freestanding Bag
Century | Torrent T2 Pro - XTC Fitness - Exercise Equipment Superstore - Canada - Freestanding Bag

Century | Torrent T2 Pro

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Century | Torrent T2 Pro

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Train hard with the Torrent T2 Pro! The T2 was made with innovative product features, like a two-part stem and hook-and-loop tension lock that attaches the cover of the bag to the base, to give a more realistic feel when struck.

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18" DIA (top)
24" DIA (base)
Approx. 250 lbs. when filled
67" Tall

One-year warranty.

No Installation Required

This freestanding bag can be used for the same types of training as a traditional heavy bag, but with several advantages!

Once upon a time, if you wanted to train on a bag, you needed to hang it. which meant drilling holes in your ceiling or wall, or investing in a hanging bag stand.

Freestanding bags can be moved on or off the mat, and are usually stored in a corner, storage area, or up against a back wall.

The determining factor for how many bags can be stored is the  size of the bag.

The Floor Saver zips on around the base of  the bag and has a grippy-textured underlayer to help reduce the chance  of scuffing your floors. It also helps to muffle noises made by the  plastic base hitting or rocking against your floor – because your classes need to be able to hear

A) your instructions

B) the pump-up music they’re jamming out to, and

C) definitely not the thud-thud-thud of the base bouncing around.

Locked Base

Some bags screw into their base in a specific direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise. If you try and tip your bag onto the rim of the base and roll it by turning the bag, and you roll it in the opposite direction of how it screws into the base, it can come loose and have to be re-tightened before the user can continue striking.
Torrent, on the other hand, features a unique, patent-pending lock system that allows the bag to be rolled counter- or regular-clockwise without coming loose! (This also means it’ll stay put if you’ve got heavy kickers repeatedly striking one side – something else that can cause bags to  loosen).

I’ve had the Torrent T2 for about a month now. I’m glad I decided to spend the extra money on it. I’ve owned several XXL bags over the last 12 years and was looking at buying the 2XL or another XXL. The Torrent turned out to be a great choice. What I like: 1. Great base design. I can get in much closer for kicks and punches because of the narrow profile. 2. Very securely attached to the base. Easier to move because of the better base.

Excellent Bag