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Ecore Athletic | PaveSafe Big E Tile - Tile

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Made from Vulcanized Composition Rubber (VCR), PaveSafe Big E Tiles are incredibly dense, and easily portable, allowing you to create temporary and mobile outdoor spaces for heavy weight impact. 

Built to handle repetitive impact, PaveSafe Big E Tiles are ideal for extreme strength training and equine applications. 

Vulcanized Composition Rubber

Made with Vulcanized Composition Rubber, these tiles are built to withstand the toughest conditions and meet your every expectation.

Force Reduction


The amount of energy this surface absorbs.

Energy Restitution


The amount of useful energy this surface returns.

Performance Qualities

By harnessing the attributes of VCR, Ecore has designed innovative surfaces that make people's lives better.


The ability to mitigate injury and protect the body.


The support provided in the form of force reduction and energy restitution.


The ability to manage impact energy and reduce noise.