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Hayabusa | Boxing Gloves - Batroc

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The unrelenting villain and legendary kickboxer Georges Batroc is an adept thief with questionable honor, making him the perfect mercenary for dark deeds. Inspired by Batroc’s militaristic gear, these gloves embody his tactical uniform, from the utility vest and straps to his iconic purple and gold color scheme.

These gloves are based on our award-winning T3 Boxing Gloves, which deliver the wrist support, hand protection, & comfort/fit you deserve.

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key features

maximum knuckle protection

world renowned wrist support


keeps hands cool

wipes away sweat

4x the wrist support

SPLINTING is the foam structure that runs from your knuckles, down and over top of your wrist. The exclusive design protects your wrists by keeping them properly aligned with each punch.

Once you strap up, your hands are secured to protective splints that provide support and prevent injuries as you train.T3 gloves with Fusion-Splinting demonstrates 99.7% perfect anatomical alignment needed. The built-insplints are so supportive that makes the use of hand wraps optional.

high impact protection

The T3 Boxing Gloves feature a specialized 5- LAYER technology foam composition. Each layer plays a role in absorbing impacts and dissipating energy so your hand is always ready to land the next strike.

The fully adjustable DUAL-X™ closure system uses 2 interlocking straps, allowing you to customize the fit for your specific need.

designed with precision

With an ergonomic inner pocket and customizable closure to ensure a perfect fit. Our pocket fits like a glove to keep you properly protected at all times.

T3 boxing gloves are built to last by experienced professionals using extraordinary materials. Constructed with Vylar® engineered leather, the strongest, most resistant material available for high-performance boxing gloves.

size guide

Ensure a comfortable and secure fit

Experience marvel hero details