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RDX Sports | Noir Series - Grappling Gloves Shooter

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RDX Sports | Noir Series - Grappling Gloves Shooter


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This MMA glove is Indestructible and secure. Extremely compact and MG-1 Padded mold offers shock-absorbent padding for optimum impact resistance. Y-Volar palm design delivers upgraded ventilation technology that assists in hygiene adeptness and shrinks unpleasant aroma. Quick EZ closure system ensures your hands stay put and offers easy on-off application. With versatile design and classy exterior, we deliver the top quality gloves that are unrivaled in the combat industry. The highly durable ConvEX Skin leather built can take on some serious thrashing and will still last long with you.

Gloves That Can Take a Beating!

Your gloves must stay in the way when you're training for a competition. RDX offers high-quality grappling and sparring gloves made with durable Maya hide leather and industrial-grade stitching that will last under pressure while staying in shape and fitting comfortably.

Make Your Punches Count!

RDX grappling and sparring gloves allow you to knock out your opponent without fearing injuries. Made with the ultimate foam lamination and EVA-LUTIONTM sheet, grappling gloves are layered with sponge padding that allows the shock waves to spread across the surface when you take a hit at your challenger.

Better Grappling, Lesser Effort!

Our RDX MMA sparring and grappling gloves are pre-curved to match the natural shape of your hand. This allows for a tighter grip and improved fist formation and prevents slips while you're in the ring with your opponent.

Fight harder, Fight Safer!

The wrist is one of the most vulnerable joints in an MMA fighter's body, making it much more important to protect. The dual wide hook and loop design on RDX grappling gloves secures your wrist in place so you can focus solely on winning the match.

Sweaty Hands? Solved!

Whether you're sparring or grappling your opponent in the ring, the D-Cut gloves are made with breathable and QD1 technology that prevents sweat buildup on your palms. The open-palm feature allows ventilation and airflow, so your skin can stay cool and dry, avoiding blisters and irritation.

Train Touger and Harder

When it comes to MMA training, you need gloves that can withstand the test of time. That's why our gloves feature industrial-grade stitching. ensures career-lasting durability, so you can train confidently, knowing that your gloves will hold up to even the toughest workouts. The stitching is specially designed to withstand wear and tear, making these gloves a long-term investment in your training.