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truMedic | MicroTENS™ Thermal | Black

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This TENS device has an advanced array of settings to experience the ultimate massage. With a choice of 8 modes, 16 zones to target, 20 levels of intensities and 8 speeds, you can dial in to the perfect level of relief for your muscles. Add soothing heat for an extra level of relief. Customize your massage to find the best setting for your needs.

The targeted and effective pain relief that you need

Shoulder pain? Foot pain? Muscle soreness? If you are experiencing aching muscles, our electronic pulse massager may be just what you need. Simply place the included electrode pads on the part of your body where you are feeling discomfort, select one of the five different auto-stimulation programs or choose your desired massage setting, and let the device get to work.

Capacitive Sensing

The MicroTENS® Thermal includes a unique touch sensitive wheel that allows you to scroll through menu options easily and quickly.

Heated Relief

The MicroTENS® Thermal is our first electrotherapy product to feature soothing heat. By adding heat to your TENS therapy sessions, you can achieve deeper, longer-lasting relief of sore muscles than in similar TENS products.