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BOSU | Surge

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BOSU | Surge

Surge 40

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"The BOSU® Surge® is a cutting-edge hydro-training device that uses water to provide an unstable load. Strategically placed angles allow the water to crash and shift, forcing your muscles to react to constantly shifting water – creating top-down instability. The Surge® provides a unique challenge to the joints and stabilizing muscles by forcing the body to resist and control the unpredictable nature of the shifting water.

Three different grip options give the Surge® the versatility demanded in today’s training. From farmer’s carries to overhead lunges, the Surge® will help you achieve and exceed your fitness goals by training your body to react to real life movements. The Surge® 40 ranges from 8-40 lbs. and the Surge® 60 ranges from 10-60 lbs. when filled with water.