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Century | V.SPAR.1

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Century | V.SPAR.1

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The Versys V.SPAR.1 is a versatile training bag designed specifically for young athletes. The size and weight of V.SPAR.1 provides youth with a large striking surface while still small enough to pick up, toss, and take down. Recommended for traditional martial arts, kickboxing, MMA, and general fitness.

- Bag: 11” Diameter x 48" Tall
- Base: 14” Diameter
- Approx. 40 Llbs.

- Constructed of heavy-duty vinyl with high-impact foam interior
- Practice a full range of combination strikes, including low/high punches and kicks, knees, elbows, in addition to stand-up sparring, take downs, and ground workouts
- The pre-filled base and natural rebounding properties enable continuous sparring and low-impact practice even at maximum force
- Ideal for developing coordination, speed, power, and control in young martial artists
- Pre-filled and easy to assemble, move, and store after training, with no hanging fixtures, bag stands, or permanent installation

Additional Information
- Some Assembly Required
- Made in USA/Imported
- Oversized shipping rates apply

Warning: This product is sold for use in high risk activities. Before using this product, read all information. One-year replacement warranty on all Versys Fight Simulators.