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Century | Versys VS.1

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Century | Versys VS.1

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Century Versys VS.1 - The most VERsatile SYStem on the market, the Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator is ideally suited for aerobic conditioning, endurance, speed and technique training. Tested by professional combat sport coaches, trainers and instructors. Intelligent, simple and effective. The VS.1 opens up a whole new world to all combat sports and fitness athletes.

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Gear specs

 Age Group Adult
Bag Type Freestanding
Bag Dimensions 8.75" Diameter x 66" Height
Bag Weight 110lbs
Height 66"
Line Versys
Martial Arts Style Multiple

revolutionary fight simulator

The VS.1 might not look intimidating for something called a fight simulator, but it allows for more training methods than just about any other bag. Think of a move you might use in an MMA fight. There are punches and kicks, of course, but don’t forget about elbow strikes and knees from the clinch! Also throws, takedowns, and ground and pound. You can do all of these things on the VS.1.

Bring it on!

Visualize this: You are working around the VS.1, it rebounds and you can track its movements as you would an opponent’s. When you’ve got it where you want it, you lunge in with an elbow. Now that you’re in close range, your hands lock onto one of the handles at the top of the VS.1, simulating the muay thai clench, as you throw several knee strikes before slamming it to the ground and continuing to whale on it there. BAM!

You don’t even need to be a martial artist to benefit from the bag – the VS.1 can also be used in fitness workouts. Secure your feet in the lower straps for doing sit-ups, practice bag drags, and use it for standing rows.

Highest Quality

Made in the USA, there are many great things about getting your bags from Century. One is the variety. Another is knowing you’re supporting an North American company. Century uses official testing. Their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry standards. They fill the bags with high-quality material. And firmly believe that the better the equipment you train with, the better your training results will be.

Size and weight is just right, I love this training bag. I'm 51 years old with some arthritis and don't hit/kick as hard as I used to, but want to stay in shape and continue practicing at home. The weight and size of my versys VS.1 is perfect—stiffer than it appeared in the videos and takes the hits and kicks I deliver without folding in or going right to the floor. I just love it!

Jocelyn B.

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