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Loos & Co | Exerflex Pro Cable 3/16", Black Nylon Coating

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Loos & Co | Exerflex Pro Cable 3/16", Black Nylon Coating

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  • Cable Dimensions: 1/8" bare cable = 3/16" coated with jacket
  • Color: Black Jacket
  • Material: Nylon Strand Construction: 7 x 19
  • Breaking Strength: 2,000 lb
  • Material: Galvanized zinc coated carbon steel
  • Product Type: Aircraft cable
  • Commercial/Military: Commercial
  • Qualifying Specification: Exerflex Pro ® high performance nylon jacket
  • Recommended Pulley Diameter: 3"

Exerflex Pro® dominates the industry for fitness cable. This Cable is excellent for club and home workout machines and is more durable and reliable than the next leading competitor. As a Canadian cable service centre and a Canadian Equipment Manufacturer we use thousands of feet of this product a year and can guarantee the best price and turnaround.

Reduce failures, lessen the risk of injury and be confident in your decision knowing that each lot of Exerflex Pro ® cable is tested and certified to exacting specs.

Wood Reel NOT INCLUDED with Reel Purchases. Cable will ship bundled and boxed with a length variance of +/- 5"

Gear Specs
Product Type Aircraft Cable
Type Description ExerFlex Pro Fitness
Commercial/Military Commercial
Flexibility Flexible
Strand Construction 7x19
Core Type
Material Galvanized
Material Type Zinc Coated Carbon Steel
Diameter (fraction, inches)* 1/8-3/16
Diameter (decimal, inches)* .125-.188
Diameter (mm)* 3.175-4.775
Minimum Break Strength (lbs.) 2,000
Minimum Break Strength (kgs.) 907.18
Approximate Weight per 100 ft. (lbs) 3.9
Bare/Coated Coated
Plastic Jacket Type Nylon
Jacket Color Black
Origin USA
Quality Specification ExerFlex Pro High Performance Nylon Jacket

Nominal Diameter excluding +/- tolerances