RDX Sports | MMA Shin Guard SI - XTC Fitness - Exercise Equipment Superstore - Canada - Shin Guards
RDX Sports | MMA Shin Guard SI - XTC Fitness - Exercise Equipment Superstore - Canada - Shin Guards
RDX Sports | MMA Shin Guard SI - XTC Fitness - Exercise Equipment Superstore - Canada - Shin Guards

RDX Sports | MMA Shin Guard SI

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RDX Sports | MMA Shin Guard SI

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Protect yourself in training and competition with these top-of-the-range shin pads – no matter how powerful your opponents are, you can confidently combat with maximum protection for your legs! With a lightweight material and foam layer structure, shock-related injuries are a thing of the past. With their durable look, RDX SI MMA shin kick protection pads also feature an integrated gel layer to cushion against strikes and keep you agile. At the same time, moisture management lining helps to ventilate and keep your skin dry all the time.

The Perfect Protection For Your Powerful Legs

If you're looking for an alternative to heavy, cumbersome materials to protect yourself from injury during MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai training sessions, look no further than lightweight woven carbon fiber fabric. Not only does it offer superior protection against splits, tears, and crack resistance, but the fact that it's so light means your kicks will be faster and more powerful!

Protect Your Shins And Stay In The Fight

Regarding optimal protection, RDX SI MMA shin guards have become a top choice among many athletes. Not only is the padding made with equilibrium foam for the utmost solidity, but it's also designed with high-density padding that doesn't sacrifice power. In other words, shin pads will completely take care of your shin without sacrificing anything in terms of performance - an unbeatable combination!

Don't Let Your Shin Guards Slip Off Again

Have you ever gone to sparring or competition and felt your shin guards wouldn't stay in place no matter what you do? Worry not; the quick EZ hook and loop strap provide an adjustable fit that ensures your shin guards remain secure! With this fantastic product, you don't have to worry about it slipping off during training or competition. And unlike other strapping products, it allows for optimum leg flexion without any constraint.

Keep Your Legs Safe From Sweat

If your typical workout routine involves a lot of sweating, then you'll be interested to hear about RDX SI MMA shin guards' superior sweat-wicking lining! The MMT™ moisture-wicking revolutionary inner lining draws in moisture and helps keep your legs dry during intense training sessions. This feature provides spectacular air ventilation and helps maintain an optimal body temperature so you can get the most out of every exercise.

Say Goodbye To Chafing And Irritation

Flat-locked reinforced seams in sportswear and activewear mean you don't have to worry about compromised performance or discomfort. With a flatlock that keeps stitching away from your skin, these seams don't dig into your delicate skin, ensuring extra comfort with long-term wear. Rest assured that these seams won't chafe or irritate even during an exercise session as tough as an Ironman, keeping you comfortable and focused on the goal!

Ultimate Shin Protection With Style

RDX Shin Kick protection gear is a fantastic way to protect your legs while participating in high-intensity activities. Specifically designed to keep your shins safe, these protection elements are carefully crafted with premium materials that deliver robust and secure coverage. Plus, they look stylish while doing it! With better stability and breathability, RDX shin pads are the perfect way to protect yourself and have peace of mind during physical activities.