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It’s made of the same material as the Original Sling Shot®, but has angled sleeves to fit larger arms. It also engages the weight sooner during the lift, giving the lifter a little more assistance than the Original model.

- Level 3 elastic ideal for support through a longer range of motion
- Allows you to press approximately 10-20% more weight than your max
- Moderate support at the bottom of the lift sooner than other models
- Angled seams on arm cuffs provide maximum comfort
        Size Bodyweight (LBS)
        S / M Under 140 lbs
        L 140 - 180 lbs
        XL 181 - 220 lbs
        2XL 221 - 300 lbs
        3XL Over 300 lbs

        • Available in sizes: L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
        • Best used with loads from 315 lbs and up
        • US Patent Numbers 8,771,155 and 9,265,983

        The Full Boar’s unique design and bold color is inspired by Mark Bell’s brother and director of Bigger, STronger, Faster – Chris “The Boar” Bell.  Chris’s unique mechanics and needs after a serious tricep injury required a Sling Shot® that engaged earlier and gave more support through the entire range of motion.

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