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The Grippy “X” Sleeves were designed for lifters who prefer the stiffest knee sleeves on the market. Featuring a stiff front panel for minimal stretch and maximum support, the Grippy X Sleeves also utilize a secured fit technology to prevent sliding and slippage. These sleeves are STIFF and aren’t for the fainthearted. Fitting tighter than the STrong Knee Sleeves, these are truly EXTREME!


  • Can be worn for any exercise or during your entire workout
  • Provides support and warmth in maximal effort movements


  • Level 4 compression and stiff front panel to support max effort
  • Provides Sling Shot effect for an additional 30-60 lbs
  • Use during heavy sets for maximum support
  • Stiff and secure, prevents sleeve movement once on your knee
  • The stiffest knee sleeves on the market
      Size Knee Circumference (in)
      XS 12 - 13 in
      S 13 - 14 in
      M 14 - 15 in
      L 15 - 16 in
      XL 16 - 17 in
      2XL 17 - 18 in
      3XL 18 - 19 in

      • Brian Shaw: 6′-8″, 400lbs- Comfort-4xl, competition – 4Xl
      • Mark Bell: 6′- 280lbs, comfort-2xl, competition – XL
      • Silent Mike: 5′-9″- 220lbs, comfort XL, competition – L
      • Ben Smith: 5′-11″- 195lbs, comfort L, competition – M
      • Colleen Fotsch: 5′-8″, 170lbs, comfort L, competition – M

      • 6.5mm
      • Stiff front panel
      • USPA Approved
      • Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
      • Sold as a pair
      • logo designed by @Deezify (Fil Ruberto)
      • Patent Number: 785,190

      USPA Approved

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